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Friday, September 5, 2008

On my latest art (below)

Seems i got of into an art phase and did a few pictures lately.
1) The Loving Eye...... more like a mandala. shows an eye coming out of a heart surrounded by
layers of color, circles, and symbolic language. I had found an archery target and wanted
use it somehow and this ended up being a perfect way.
2) String book . This was due to my reflection on how we tie ourselves up and "tag" ourselves with
labels. We end up just believing the labels we put on ourselves.
3) "Big Brother" ..... saw a documentary about all the new surveillance methods that are in use
and how really there is no privacy anymore.

I have been working on noticing more of the things that are around me. I keep saying that one day I will get out with a camera and take some pictures of all the things that I find "artistic".

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