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Friday, September 5, 2008

2 dreams on symbols

Recently had 2 dreams about symbols...
1) a man was showing me important papers with many symbols and writing that I could not understand. he was in a big hurry. He put his hands on my head and said he was downloading information to me. He says that I would b able to figure out the writing and symbols.
2) Someone was explaining secret meanings behind the Hebrew alphabet and said that many language had secret and hidden meanings behind their alphabets and words.( Such as Sanskrit.) They said is was too bad that English didn't have any of this as it was derived from so many other languages, it ended up lacking in the spiritual realm.
The next day, I was talking to another Dream Worker and they said that they also had had a couple dreams based on the same theme.
I found this very interesting and am wondering if other also got this 'information"?

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