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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Altered book for RPK

I recently made an altered book for a special person. Here are some of the pages.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

page 2-6 of "V" book

Here are the rest of the pages for "V" Book

"V" book an altered book

Recently I completed an altered book. I made it for a very nice gentleman who works at the art store I go to frequently. He ohh's and ah's over the work I've showed him, so I thought I would make him a little book. Since he was born in Russia, I included imgs he would be familiar with.
Also included were images from two books I like: "Sacred Ground, Sacred Space: by RP Kryder and The Illuminated Rumi: illustrations by M. Green.

Friday, March 13, 2009

embroidery/ "crewel work"

Some time ago I was sent a package that contained a piece of embroidery called "crewel work" that I made one winter when I had two babies under 2 years old and no TV. ( yes, there was a time when people did not have TV!)
anyway, I thought I would post it. And NO WAY would I evn think about trying to do it ever again!

Asian Image

Again made for one of my on line art challenges.

True Being

The last image was done for the International Collage Exchange. (Dancing with Death)
This one was done for one of my on line art challenges.

Dancng with Death/ International Collage Exchange


Again, this was for one of the art challenges.

focal/ challenge

This was also done for one of the art challenges. It is to show an old photo or picture and arrows.

Klint inspired

I am in a couple art challenges on line. This was done for one of them.

Bird and hands

This was done for an online art challenge.


DEATH to the old "pair-a-dime"!
Down with the old patterns that don't work!
Always click on image to get larger view.

2009 AT LAST!

At last I have gotten someone to help me with my camera software! At last I can post my art and whatever!
Here is the first art of the year...the headlines from the paper at the first of the year.
Just click on image to get a larger view.