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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hands 2

here is th other side of the decorated hands. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Well, it looks like I can't seem to master getting the right pictures up. Anyway, the decorated hands proved to be very popular and I got many requests to make them for people. They are very labor intensive however, so took me awhile to make them. They contain tags and hearts, and collage pieces as well as gold designs, ribbons, beads and whatever else I decided to add.

Another Grid picture

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grid pictures

I was looking through some art supplies the other day and ran across these collages. I did them some years back.
I love the "grid" I would love to know where to find more. It was white and came in sheets and had a sticky back. If anyone knows where to get these sheets of "grids", please let me know.

sculptured books

Recently I ran across some pictures of sculptured books which reminded me that I wanted to learn to make them. So I made a couple of VERY RAW attempts. I wanted to see how they would come out. Naturally I "had" to paint them! Anyway. Here is a couple RAW attempts...just to see how the process works. I may try to make more (neater and better) ones later.
I can see how the form would be great for altered books!!