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Friday, August 22, 2008

I got an email with this blog attached.
It is about someone who visited LA from somewhere else
I fell in love with the pictures of ordinary places that never seemed anything but "normal" background to me. It woke me up!

http://urbanpaperar ts.blogspot. com/2008/ 08/sunday- sweet-sunday- in-valley- aug-10.html

I was so taken with the whole thing, I ended up emailing him to let him knw how much his work had affected me. Here are my thoughts.

Since I lived in the San Fernando Valley for so long I was very taken with this whole blog.
It amazed me to look at all the pictures of places that were so familiar to me...since you see something often , it seems commonplace and not worth noticing. These pictures were by someone who had never seen them before and was impressed with them. WOW! back to the idea of 'seeing things differently!" What is in front of us that we don't notice? Don't admire? how much are we missing?
I am astonished!
I am not a photographer, ( would love to learn)... although I do have one o those cheap digital things......I hardly ever think about taking pictures of anything. And surely I don't know anything about photoshop or paint to play with the pictures after taking hem.
This whole thing interests me. I am upset with myself that I have missed so much...what am I missing now? I am so stuck at being mad at being in this desolate place that I"M NOT SEEING the beauty? .......elihgowihroawihrglakurjhgawkjhf ,,,,yea that's how I feel right now!
I see the strange shaped dead or dying Joshua trees and think, oh that would make a good picture...oh but I am in a hurry, I need to get to LA or home or somewhere other than in the NOW! I see the rock formations and think...oh... that would make a great series of pictures....but I don't stop...keep run run... to blahville.
Patterns? Probably there are toms of them around, but I am not seeing them.
This whole thing is making me cry.
What else am I missing? what else am I not seeing?
what else is passing me by?


Better Questions

I have thought many times that in order to get better answers, we need to ask better questions.
How about these?
Are my perceptions stopping me from really seeing?
What am I NOT seeing?
What is my heart's longing?
How can I let go of resistance?
How can I allow the MORE of mySELF to emerge?
How to let go of the stuff that holds me back?
How to see how I block myself?
How can I allow myself more freedom to express?
How can I allow my art to evolve?
How can I be more creative?
How can I let go of the self imposed boxes I continue to put myself in?
How can I best express the ideas ( art, writing, poems, music) that I have inside me?


I was thinking about how many things we are attached to in our lives.
How many things we "tag' as ours. The "strings" that bin us to things and how we seem to "name" things and attach "tags" to them. Maybe even how those "tags' hang from us as we try to move though the world. I decided to make a "string and tag" book. It does not open. the strings and tags hang down from it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Silver Moon

Adding a collage of "SILVER MOON"
Done some time ago.
I did not reallize it had een so longsince I added anything here.!