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Sunday, July 1, 2007


I have thought a lot about the concept of sacrifice for quite some time and suddenly, I started to get a concept to put into art.

It is a 3 -D collage . The bottom layer is a heavily embossed paper with leaf designs on it that is painted in greens and black to look like the earth. Then in the center is a wire grid painted black that symbolizes the grid of delusions and illusions that the population as a whole is in.

There are pieces of military print cloth woven through the grid ( the sacrifices of wars) and over and around the bones and animal heads that are on the piece.( The sacrifices of animals in religious offerings . A pair of dice, 'snake eye"...your number is up.... and Ace of spades...all ominous sins are strewn with red blood. There are also chicken feathers all around the piece. There are also several pennies showing the money we are asked to sacrifice to our religions, our government in the form of taxes and dried flowers, that show the offerings of food, flowers and other things we offer in our sacrifice. There is a small human figure near the center that shows the human sacrifices that are made.

The piece it splashed with red blood everywhere.