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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recently I was asked to submit an art entry for an upcomming art show called "Alter Ego".

my entry is:

Title: The Other Side": Artist, Healer, Visionary


As an ever evolving kaleidoscope, the patterns shift and change.Dreams, visions, and intuitive message are incorpoated from the Wold of Within and are transformed by the Shaman. They then burst into the Outer World as completed expression.

The Artist, Healer, Visionary remains the driving force of all exterior movement.

The Elements:
The snake represents transformation,
the hand is the healer which is surrounded by the fire of Spirt,
The EYE is the eternal one who perceves, and observes.

This piece was shown at the MorYork Gallery ( Highland Park, CA.)
at the show on May 12, 2007

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