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Friday, October 17, 2008

Magic Circle

I seem to have gotten off into a huge burst of creative energy yesterday! ( Maybe because mercury retrograde is over!) Anyway, Both the poem and this 'writing" just seemed to 'show up"....I really didn't think about them...they just sort of wrote themselves!
I sent the poem separately. I have no ides what to call this except to say it is a 'writing".

Mandala...."magic circle"
what happens in the magic circle? Wonder! Amazement! Exploding colors!
The fairies come out to play!
Anything can happen!
Anything is possible!
The unusual and the unknown show up!
Rays of light play across the lily pads of creation.
How do I allow the flow of creative ideas?
How to translate them into images that reveal their inner meanings?
Am I washed in the tide of discovery, or do I sink into the darkness of judgement?
For in laughter is the breeze of unfoldment.
Where is that creative genius hiding?
Up a river in a boat with no paddle!
( row, row, row the boat).
Fearing to drown in the waves of mediocrity.
The undertow is strong.
Stagnation sucks the moving feet into the abyss of quicksand....deeper and deeper.
What rope is strong enough to overcome the muck?
How to stay in the wonderment of the magic circle?
How to stay skimming across ordinary landscapes,
enjoying the potent possibilities?

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